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Md. Rowson Alam
Director (In-Charge)
Institutional Quality Assurance Cell
Rabindra University, Bangladesh

Welcome message from Director…

Due to the increase in the field of higher education in Bangladesh, more and more students are graduating every year. However, with the ever-increasing expansion of Higher Education (HE) scope, it is imperative to pay special attention to the quality of the graduates by redesigning and uplifting our education system. As exploring the potential of graduates plays a significant role in comparing a country and a society with the rest of the world, there is no substitute for institutional quality assurance in launching world standards academic activities and building a skilled knowledge-based society by aligning the standard of our higher education system with that of the rest of the world.

To maintain long-term quality standards in higher education, UGC-HEQEP launched the concept of setting an Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in different institutions in Bangladesh. To realize the goal of IQAC, it is essential to establish such a system that will identify the prevalent shortcomings through valid and reliable assessment strategy and provide a standard environment among the stakeholders of the institution.

To pursue this object, I am very pleased to inform you that an IQAC has been established at Rabindra University, Bangladesh (RUB) on……….....

With a view to developing a knowledge-based society through higher education, the IQAC of RUB is committed to initiate, plan and execute quality standards at RUB through various programs and activities such as meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, demonstrations, and panel discussions for all the stakeholders within the institution. The executive body will communicate all the outcomes, progress reports, survey reports to the administrative body of IQAC for improving and monitoring the quality enhancement among the stakeholders. As a result, the stakeholders of the institution will be able to overcome their weaknesses through an outcome-based assessment process and thereby will be capable to compete with others.

I wish every success of the IQAC of RUB.

Md. Rowson Alam
Director (In-Charge)
Institutional Quality Assurance Cell
Rabindra University, Bangladesh

Nazrul Islam
Additional Director (In-Charge)
Mobile No: 01762772837
Email: nazrul@econdu.ac.bd
Institutional Quality Assurance Cell
Rabindra University, Bangladesh

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