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'A university campus will be built in Shahjadpur on the model of Santiniketan'

On Tuesday ( November 29) , during addressing an exchange meeting organized by Rabindra University at Shahjadpur Rabindra Kanchari Bari auditorium, State Minister for Culture K.M. Khalid said that the campus of Rabindra University would be built on the model of Santiniketan on the land of Rabindranath Tagore at Shahjadpur in Sirajganj where Rabindra memories are intertwined and students would practice free intelligence and culture. He also said that the teachers and students of Rabindra University would be able to use the Kanchari Bari for free as an area for learning and practicing culture.
Minister of State for Culture , as the chief guest, spoke at the exchange meeting organized under the chairmanship of Rabindra University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Md. Shah Azam. The state minister for culture said that Rabindra University would play a vital role in cultural development through intellectual practice and would also play a leading role in spreading Rabindra philosophy in the society. Member of Parliament of Sirajgonj-6 constituencies, Professor Merina Jahan Kabita was present at the meeting as the special guest.
Shahjadpur Rabindra Kanchari Bari was decorated with colorful decorations around the event. Rabindra University teachers, students, officials and people of Shahjadpur were present there. Rabindra University Vice-Chancellor Dr. Md. Shah Azam said, Rabindra University would work on the practice of sensibility of the students instead of producing certificate holders only through pedagogical knowledge.
He said that in Rabindra University, various co-educational organizations had been already conducting cultural activities to build the humanistic mindset of students. However, due to lack of permanent campus, all those activities are getting disrupted. However, Rabindra University will soon send the proposal for the construction of permanent campus to the relevant quarters of the government.
He said that if they got the opportunity to use Rabindranath Tagore's Kanchari Bari for free, the Rabindra-minded and culture-loving students would gain the ability to lead the cultural practice of this country. Member of Parliament Merina Jahan Kabita said, there is no alternative to cultural practice to revive the spirit of the liberation war in Bangladesh. Rabindra University will play an important role in the spread of art and culture of the country. Rabindra Kanchari Bari will be the center of that practice.

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